Realigning Business and Revenue models to provide new Digital services.

Changing business boundaries, declining profit margins from fixed line broadband and mobile series, evolving digital service model are putting pressure on Telco’s growth plan and their ability to provide optimized service and meet the customer expectation. To meet the challenge Telco’s have to realign their business model to take advantage on emerging technology advancements (Cloud, IOT Block Chain, AI) for providing new digital services and seize the new revenue potential opportunities.

We help Telco’s to device and implement strategies for managing existing OSS, accelerating their cloud adoption, building new value taking advantage of IOT opportunities, providing digital customer experience to customers and sustaining the operational efficiencies.

Examples of the type of work we do with our Telecommunication clients include

🔹 OSS Strategy

🔹 Product Development

🔹 Telco Architecture

🔹 Customer Experience Strategy